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a city in Yugoslavia, in northwestern Bosnia (republic of Bosnia-Hercegovina), on the Una River in an intermontane depression. Population, 18,000 (1967). Bihac is a transportation center. It also has a woodworking combine and food industry. A hydroelectric power plant is located below Bihac on the Una River.

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The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Committee for the Protection of the Rights of the Serbs announced that the Una-Sana Cantonal Ministry of Interior, with its decision to ban the commemoration for 12,000 Serbs killed in World War II in Garavice near Bihac, has set a precedent that may put into question all commemorations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In Bihac and Velika Kladusa near the Croatian border, reception centers with a capacity for 3,500 run by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are full.
Ale Siljdedic, the spokesman for the regional Interior Ministry, said that the injured were taken to the hospital in Velika Kladusa and the neighbouring city of Bihac for treatment.
The suspects were found in the capital, Sarajevo, and the northwestern town of Bihac, where more than 5,000 migrants have been stuck for months as the cold winter and Croatian police make it virtually impossible for them to continue their journey.
The amount covers sponsorship of 4,274 orphans and 52 children with disabilities in 25 areas belonging to the municipalities of Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Bihac.
Modeling and optimization of parameters in hydroforming thin-walled tubular elements, University of Bihac, Faculty of Technical Engineering, Doctoral dissertation, 9-29 (in Bosnian).
SARAYBOSNA (CyHAN)- The fire which was erupted in the state hospital in Bosnian northwestern city of Bihac caused big panic in the city.
Paper presents one such example of investments in wastewater in Municipality of Bihac, where at first criteria were selected and valuated, then two different multicriteria ranking methods applied and results compared, in order to enable stabile decision making
* It maintains permanent Liaison and Observation Teams in the towns of Livno, Bihac and Travnik
Throughout southern Bosnia, just across the snow-covered Vellabett Mountains, the Croat forces were ignoring all UN intervention and continued pushing their offensive up into the Bihac Pocket.
To achieve this, the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) maintained the Zenica, Livno, and Doboj field offices and, in the final quarter of activity, opened new offices in Bijelinja and Bihac. From July 1999 to December 1999 program staff focused on civic action initiatives assisting local representatives in prioritizing needs, formulating requests, and presenting these requests to their elected officials.