Bikchentaev, Anver

Bikchentaev, Anver Gadeevich


Born Oct. 25 (Nov. 7), 1913, in Ufa. Soviet Bashkir writer. Also writes in Russian. Member of the CPSU since 1941.

Bikchentaev completed the Higher Literary Courses of the Union of Writers of the USSR in 1956. He began publishing his works in 1933. His stories about the Soviet Army and the heroic deeds of Soviet soldiers were brought together in the collections The Red Poppies (1944) and Stories About the Russian Soldier (1946). Bikchentaev is the author of the novellas The Right to Immortality (1950), The Large Orchestra (1957), The Ambassador’s Daughter (1959), The Eagle Dies in Flight (1958), and How Old Are You, Commissar? (1965), as well as the novels The Swans are Staying in the Urals (1956) and / Don’t Promise You Paradise (1963).

He also writes for children (for example, the collections of short stories entitled Old José and Young José, 1961, and A Puppy Named Akbash, 1966). Bikchentaev has been awarded four orders as well as medals.


Haylanma äthärdhär, vols. 1–2. Ufa, 1962–64.
In Russian translation:
Bakenshchiki ne plachut. Ufa, 1961.
Morskoi bog. Moscow, 1966.


Istoriia bashkirskoi sovetskoi literatury, part 2. Ufa, 1966.