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1. Mountaineering any of various devices such as piton or nut when used as a direct help in the ascent
2. (in medieval Europe; in England after 1066) a feudal payment made to the king or any lord by his vassals, usually on certain occasions such as the marriage of a daughter or the knighting of an eldest son
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In relation to bilateral aid allocation, Alesina and Dollar (2000) observe that donors allocate more aid to reward developing countries for the good quality of their economic policies, in particular their trade liberalization policies.
Multisector projects were given PS1.1bn last year - 13.3% of all bilateral aid - and million was also given to governments and civil society sectors.
Multisector projects were given PS1.1bn last year - 13.3% of bilateral aid - and million was also given to governments and civil Health sectors received PS1.0bn, down from the PS1.1bn they saw in 2012.
In terms of bilateral aid, the country's top donors are Japan (65 percent) and the United States (15 percent).
My paper compares the size of subsidies in developing countries with the amount of bilateral aid that they received.
Cardenas said that put the group "in the competition for ideas" but would not alter the center-right government's economic reform plan, "which thinks that one of the pillars of the success of any country is having low inflation, low fiscal deficit, low debt, and at the same time having a progressive agenda." Lew said the United States was still committed to providing bilateral aid to Colombia and that he and Cardenas discussed opportunities to gain support from multilateral institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank.
The need to improve accountability and transparency are evident measures, which can help prevent the sorts of problems highlighted by the Panama leaks, yet many multilateral and bilateral aid agencies themselves need to put their own houses in order as well.
A failure to secure external financing (whether through the IMF or bilateral aid) raises the risks of a disorderly devaluation of the Egyptian pound.
Kamal Hassan Ali has affirmed importance of coordination between the ministry and the states for the utmost advantage of the external aid allocated to the development projects by the United Nations and its various agencies, the European Union (EU) and the bilateral aid agencies.
It does not trigger a common EU military mission, but rather bilateral aid. Many EU members offered France support, either materially or in other areas, to relieve French forces.
Bilateral Aid to Latin America: Foreign Economic Assistance From Major Donor Nations
The KOICA Scholarship Program provides opportunities for people from developing countries to undertake full-time postgraduate study related to development at participating Korean Universities, in line with Korea's bilateral aid program.

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