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We focused on the inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase, the rate-controlling enzyme in cholesterol biosynthesis, as well on the balance between circulating lipoprotein-cholesterol levels, bile flow and on levels of cholesterol, phospholipids and bile salts secreted in bile.
It appeared that for fasting conditions, approximately 25% of the PCBs were sorbed to bile salt micelles, 15% to digestive proteins, and 60% were still sorbed to the soil.
The probiotic properties of the T-Pg4 strain were evaluated in vitro by their adherence capability and acid and bile salt tolerance, and were evaluated in vivo by their survival and adhesion in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of specificpathogen-free (SPF) chickens.
Bilosomes utilize the NISV formulation and additionally incorporate bile salts as an integral part of the vesicle.
Bile salts have been shown experimentally to induce injury in the larynx (1) and esophagus.
An important precursor of many steroid hormones and bile salts.
Earlier research showed that the gene FXR is responsible for maintaining normal concentrations of bile salts, which are chemicals that keep gallbladder cholesterol dissolved.
After a meal, the gallbladder contracts and injects several tablespoons of bile into the small intestines, where the detergent-like bile salts break up fats.
Iron-containing proteins and their breakdown products, such as bilirubin, and bile salts have been identified as major inhibitors in PCR of blood samples, including real-time DNA amplification with the LightCycler Instrument (33, 34).
The increase in hepatic bile entering the proximal intestine could lead to greater exposure of bile salts to the anaerobic bacteria responsible for biotransformation of hydrophilic bile salts to more hydrophobic bile salts.
Cholesterol is a powerful antioxidant, protecting the body from cancer; it is the precursor to the bile salts, needed for fat digestion; from it the adrenal hormones are formed, those that help us deal with stress and those that regulate sexual function.