Biliarskii, Petr

Biliarskii, Petr Spiridonovich


Born June 19 (July 1), 1819, in Biliar; died Jan. 2 (14), 1867, in Odessa. Russian linguist, and slavist. Academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1863). Became professor at the University of Novorosiisk in Odessa in 1865.

Biliarskii’s works on the study of ancient Slavic and Russian monuments are distinguished by scrupulous critical analysis of the text: The Fate of Church Language, book 1, On Middle Bulgarian Vocalism in the Patriarchal List of the Manassa Manuscript (1847); book 2, On the Cyrillic Part of the Roman Gospel (1848); and Remarks on the Language of the Legend of Saints Boris and Gleb (1862). His Materialsfor a Biography of M. V. Lomonosov are valuable. Biliarskii’s Russian translation of W. Humboldt’s work On the Discrimination of the Organism in Human Speech (1859) is well known.