William Anders

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Anders, William


Born Oct. 17, 1933, in Hong Kong. American pilot and astronaut; air force major.

In 1955, Anders graduated from the United States Naval Academy with the degree of bachelor of science. Upon graduating from the Air Force Institute of Technology he received the degree of master of science (1962). He worked as an engineer in the field of nuclear physics at the Weapons Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base. In October 1963 he became a member of the group of astronauts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the USA. Along with F. Borman and J. Lovell, he made a flight as third pilot on the Apollo 8 spacecraft, which was put into orbit around the earth on Dec. 21, 1968, and which was then launched from orbit toward the moon. The ship returned to earth on Dec. 27, 1968, after having completed ten orbits of the moon.

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On Christmas Eve in 1968 Bill Anders of Apollo 8 captured our earth rising majestically over a sun-seared lunar landscape, behind it the vast black infinity of space.
htm) NASA astronaut Tome Jones, Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders, together with the Nuclear Ban Test Treaty Organization discussed there were 26 asteroid hits reported on Earth from 2000 to 2013.
As part of a celebration of Earth Day, which falls on April 22, Ed Lu, Tom Jones, and Bill Anders, all veterans of space travel, are to give a presentation to scare us out of our complacent wits, CNet reported.
Gen Bill Anders, Bud Anderson, Laurent Beaudoin, Tony Bill, Dr.
He considers Tom Murphy of Capital Cities Broadcasting, Henry Singleton of Teledyne, Bill Anders of General Dynamics, John Malone of TCI, Katharine Graham of The Washington Post Company, Bill Siritz of Ralston Purina, Dick Smith of General Cinema, and Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway.
That was due to the generosity of more than 2,400 donors, including actress Jodie Foster and Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders, they said.
Then, on Christmas Eve, Borman and crewmates Jim Lovell and Bill Anders give their individual impressions of the Moon, followed by a three-man reading of the text Laitin had provided.
Apollo 8 was crewed by Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders, but they were only the tip of the iceberg.
1 Gene Cernan, Tom Stafford, John Young Apollo 10 (1969) 11,107 m/s 2 Bill Anders, Frank Borman and Jim Lovell Apollo 8 (1968) 10,807 m/s 3 Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon Gemini11(1966) 8,003 m/s 4 Pavel Belyayev and Aleksei Leonov Voskhod2 (1965) 7,892 m/s 5 Wally Schirra Mercury MA-8 (1962) 7,850 m/s 6 Uri Gargarin Vostok 1(1961) 7,844 m/s 7 Robert White X-15 Flight 34 (1961) 1298m/s 8 Milburn Apt X-2 Flight 17 (1953) 944m/s 9 Chuck Yeager X-1A (1953) 722m/s 10 William Bridgeman D-558-II (1951) 527m/s
Then he and his crew, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders, saw something wonderful as they orbited the Moon.
The cause of the explosion wasn't know, said Harris County fire investigator Bill Anders.
Another contributor, astronaut Bill Anders who flew around the moon on Apollo 8 in 1968, said: "It is absolutely irresponsible of the human race not to be searching for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence.