Bill Haley

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Haley, (William John) Bill

(1925–81) musician; born in Highland Park, Mich. A pioneering rock 'n' roll singer, he led country-and-western bands around Philadelphia between 1942–52, when he formed the rhythm and blues-styled Bill Haley & His Comets. In 1954, his recordings of "Rock Around the Clock" and "Shake, Rattle & Roll" were among the earliest rock 'n' roll hits. He had his last hit record in 1956, but continued to record and tour in rock 'n' roll revival shows until 1980.
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Bill Haley died on February 9, 1981, but the world still rocks around his clock.
Peter's music journey starts with Bill Haley and continues with John Lee Hooker, Champion Jack Dupree and after going to a huge variety of gigs he takes a road trip to the places where the music all started for him: Mississippi, Tennessee, Ala-bama, Georgia and the Carolinas.
Franny Beecher, lead guitarist for Bill Haley and the Comets, which helped kick off the rock 'n' roll era with the hit "Rock Around the Clock" in 1955, died Feb.
MEMORIES: The Club Fiesta back in its heyday, above, some of the glamorous staff, left, and Bill Haley, leader of The Comets, below, on stage at the venue ON THE BILL: Lew Robinson performing at Club Fiesta with his saxophone
Fue esa grabacion de Haley y su grupo la que motivo al legendario disc-jockey Alan Freed a acunar el termino Rock and Roll, segun conto Marshall Lytle, el contrabajista de Bill Haley hace unos anos:
Rock is far more than mere dissent; from its corrosive beginnings -- Elvis Presley's defiant sexuality and the subtly leering lyrics of Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Haley -- much of rock and roll has always been about subversion, overthrow, and revolutionary change rather than polite civil disagreement.
The songs are: ``1999,'' Prince (of course); ``American Pie,'' Don McLean; ``Smells Like Teen Spirit,'' Nirvana; ``Beat It,'' Michael Jackson; ``Holiday,'' Madonna; ``Satisfaction,'' The Rolling Stones; ``Love Me Tender,'' Elvis Presley; ``Stairway to Heaven,'' Led Zeppelin; ``Rock Around the Clock,'' Bill Haley & His Comets; and ``She Loves You,'' The Beatles.
Britain jives to Bill Haley and his Comets while balladeers like Pat Boone and Johnny Ray hold their own in a year of dynamic musical change
Soy de la epoca de Little Richard, Bill Haley, Elvis Presley.
The more we see of the terrific Sixties drama series, The Beat Goes On, the more it reminds me of Bill Haley.
1955: Bill Haley (pictured) And His Comets went to No 1 in the US pop charts with Rock Around The Clock.
1955: Bill Haley and the Comets recorded See You Later, Alligator at Decca Recording Studios, New York.