bill of materials

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bill of materials

The list of components that make up a system. For example, a bill of materials for a house would include the cement block, lumber, shingles, doors, windows, plumbing, electric, heating and so on. Each subassembly also contains a bill of materials; the heating system is made up of the furnace, ducts, etc. A bill of materials "implosion" links component pieces to a major assembly, while a bill of materials "explosion" breaks apart each assembly or subassembly into its component parts.

The first hierarchical databases were developed for automating bills of materials for manufacturing organizations in the early 1960s.

quantity survey

A detailed analysis and listing of all items of material and equipment necessary to construct a project. Also called a takeoff.
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The solution will show how a real-time OS (for the modem) and Linux (for the application) run simultaneously on the single microprocessor architecture of the NXP Nexperia cellular system solution 7210 for Linux, resulting in a 50 percent lower bill of materials.
It supports unlimited Bill of Materials levels, multiple inventory-issue methods, cycle counting, multiple warehouse locations, and a variety of purchase-order styles.
Table 3: AIRAVE Power Management Section Bill of Materials 18
Table 16: RF Power Amplifier Bill of Materials (con't) 61
When a customer accepts a quote, the molder can take all of the details behind a particular part run, build a bill of materials, set the part in inventory, establish production standards, assign it to a work station for production, and identify the tool.
A simplified mechanical analysis of the unit along with detailed bill of materials analysis is presented in this report.
Table 14: Duplexer Filter Protection Circuitry Bill of Materials .
To further streamline the development process, it also offers kit documentation, hardware schematics, bill of materials, development tools, and flexible firmware for customization.
Key to SmartPlant Materials is the enabling of change-controlled bill of materials transfers from SmartPlant 3D, empowering faster and more accurate purchasing in a change managed environment.