Saint Louis University

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Saint Louis University,

mainly at St. Louis, Mo.; Jesuit; coeducational; opened 1818 as an academy, became a college 1820, chartered as a university 1832. Parks College (est. 1927 as Parks College of Aeronautical Technology) in Cahokia, Ill., has been part of the university since 1946. The university's research facilities include a computer center, seismographic stations, and meteorological and geophysical laboratories. The library houses valuable copies of documents from the Vatican Library, and the university also has an outstanding collection of jewelry and gems that originally belonged to the family of Pierre Cartier.
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No, no, Billikens," she pleaded to the stout though youthful man who was her husband.
She controlled herself and strove to obey, though ever and anon she cast appealing glances to Billikens, who stood remote and aloof, his brows wrinkled with displeasure.
I'll do it--oh, I will do it, but, Billikens, kiss me first, and then I won't care if my arms are pulled out.
And Billikens, very angry, very disgusted, very embarrassed, obeyed, putting his arms around his wife and kissing her neither too perfunctorily nor very long.
Marie obeyed, and, the hooks still dangling from her sleeves, made a short run to Billikens, into whose arms she threw herself, her own arms folding him about the neck as she exclaimed before she kissed him:
It possessed that indefinable quality which characterizes the Billiken, due, perhaps, to the unquenchable optimism which shone through the irregular features; for M.
Something on the lines of the Billiken, only better, was what he felt he needed.
And to the entire commercial world it was for four or five years a sort of scientific Billiken, that never could be of any service to serious people.
Jordair Jett overcame a slow start to score 18, doing most of his damage while the fifth-seeded Billikens (27-6) were making their comeback in the last five minutes of regulation.
The Billikens advanced by wiping out a late double-digit deficit and beating North Carolina State, 83-80, in overtime.
Singler said after Saturday's victory over the Billikens in San Jose, Calif.