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city (1990 pop. 81,151), seat of Yellowstone co., S Mont., on the Yellowstone River, in a valley surrounded by seven mountain ranges; inc. as a city 1885. Founded in 1882 by the Northern Pacific RR, Billings quickly became an important shipping point and fur-trading center. It is the largest city in Montana and a medical, manufacturing, and trade center for the S Montana–N Wyoming region. Manufactures include paper, wood, dairy, and petroleum products; processed foods; and computer equipment. Wheat, sugar beets, livestock, and wool are traded. Rocky Mountain College and Montana State Univ. at Billings are there. Billings is the center of a recreational area and tourism is important; Custer National Forest and Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park,
2,219,791 acres (899,015 hectares), the world's first national park (est. 1872), NW Wyo., extending into Montana and Idaho. It lies mainly on a broad plateau in the Rocky Mts., on the Continental Divide, c.
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 are nearby.
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Billings was a big basketball fan and attended UCLA games.
Two years ago, Billings signed his first contract to make the Grammys, 28 years after he started making them.
The use of AMR has cut down billing errors, as well as helped owners control their water consumption.
Although Billings began working as a female impersonator in her early 20s--even alongside Chili Pepper--she remained biologically male.
The City of Billings chose RouteMatch's state-of-the-art transit technologies to improve its daily schedules and routes with integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping capabilities.
While these events have significantly increased our costs in the short term, we believe that we will be able to reduce the attrition and costs to implement our new billing method to more normal levels over the next few quarters.
MTBC"), a leading medical services company that introduced full-service medical billing for a flat fee of 4% of collections, announced today that it has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification, signifying that its processes and quality management systems meet rigorous industry requirements.
Total Billings has been in business for more than 20 years and produces more than 35 million bills annually.
The medical billing industry is highly fragmented, with local and regional mom-and-pop firms who cannot afford the infrastructure investment necessary to reap the benefits of the latest technology.
During those earlier years of the Company, Billings not only proved that modern automobiles could be converted to run on hydrogen fuel, but he advanced and perfected internal combustion engine conversions, inventing ways to deal with such obstacles as nitric oxide air pollution, backfire, and the safe storage of hydrogen onboard the vehicle.
Comprehensive Medical Management is a Newport, Kentucky based medical billing and financial services company, specializing in supporting anesthesia and emergency room physician groups in hospitals.
The Company stated that it was hopeful that billing by Ameritech would be restored shortly, based upon changes in sales verification and customer service procedures, as well as a substantial reduction in the monthly fee for the services, which had already been implemented for new customers in an effort to reduce customer inquiries and complaints.

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