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2014) heuristic over a range of bimodal distributions as well as bell-shaped and positively skewed distributions.
As the length of trip chains gets longer, the charge-depletion peak in the bimodal distribution becomes less significant, while the charge sustaining peak becomes more significant.
Despite this effort, reevaluation of the issue in 2007 and 2011 demonstrated that there was still evidence of confusion on the part of some laboratories regarding the type of units, potentially resulting in the bimodal distributions of proficiency testing data for some methods.
The distribution of length classes for male mussels was better supported by a bimodal distribution than a unimodal distribution in four of the 14 sampling periods.
A symmetric bimodal distribution consisted of samples from N(1, 1) with probability .
We also analyzed grain size distributions of grain harvested from the same plots by digital image analysis and tested for normality and for bimodal distributions.
This analysis involves combined groups of boys and girls, a serious problem because bimodal distributions spuriously inflate correlations; that includes coefficients involving the sex x exposure interaction, conceivably explaining the "significant" PCB results.