Application Binary Interface

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Application Binary Interface

(ABI) The interface by which an application program gains access to operating system and other services. It should be possible to run the same compiled binary applications on any system with the right ABI.

Examples are 88open's Binary Compatibility Standard, the PowerOpen Environment and Windows sockets.
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(Application Binary Interface) A specification for a specific hardware platform combined with the operating system. It is one step beyond the application program interface (API), which defines the calls from the application to the operating system. The ABI defines the API plus the machine language for a particular CPU family. An API does not ensure runtime compatibility, but an ABI does, because it defines the machine format. See API.

ABI and API Relationship
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When those customers need more compute horsepower or graphics capabilities, the Sun Blade 150 workstation is the perfect upgrade, providing full binary compatibility for a seamless transition, and offering a very low price point for today's tight budgets."
Sun protects customers' software investments by ensuring binary compatibility between each version of Solaris OE, enabling customers to improve performance and system capabilities with minimal disruption of productivity.
In addition to long mode, the architecture also supports a pure x86 legacy mode, which preserves binary compatibility with existing 16-bit and 32-bit applications and operating systems.
And in the future, they'll be able to look at our code, use our interfaces, and provide binary compatibility, and if all that happens I'll be happy.
The newest driver model, WDM, allows binary compatibility between Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0.
The results offer high performance and "binary compatibility" with Intel's Pentium chip.
Binary compatibility with single-processor workstations makes it possible to use familiar applications and existing data sets, even before the applications have been fine-tuned to the parallel system.
He added that, since Geo/SQL also runs on UNIX-based workstations, providing binary compatibility and portability across platforms, Geo/SQL offered the security of a logical path for expansion and upgrading as the system grows and more departments want access to the database.
Binary compatibility might not appear until a later revision.
The updated systems stand out from the competition with more than 15 years of binary compatibility and the "mix-and-match" SPARC64 processor architecture as well as virtualization via Dynamic Domains and Solaris(TM) Containers.
According to the company, the new SPARC Enterprise servers build on the existing systems co-designed by Sun and Fujitsu and extend long-term customer investment protection through binary compatibility, hardware and software partitioning and the flexible 'mix and match' SPARC64 processor architecture.