binary coded decimal

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binary coded decimal

(BCD, packed decimal) A number representation where a number is expressed as a sequence of decimal digits and then each decimal digit is encoded as a four-bit binary number (a nibble). E.g. decimal 92 would be encoded as the eight-bit sequence 1001 0010.

In some cases, the right-most nibble contains the sign (positive or negative).

It is easier to convert decimal numbers to and from BCD than binary and, though BCD is often converted to binary for arithmetic processing, it is possible to build hardware that operates directly on BCD.

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First and foremost among the chips' features is an RTC that makes available to the user, in binary-coded decimal (BCD) format, the present time from the century to tenths and hundredths of a second.
768kHz oscillator drives the real-time clock, which is accessed via eight registers, which provide clock and calendar information in binary-coded decimal format.
The CPU08 features an enhanced 68HC05 programming model; extensive loop control functions; 16 addressing modes (eight more than the HC05); 16-bit index register and stack pointer; memory-to-memory data transfers; fast 16/8 divide instruction; and binary-coded decimal (BCD) instructions.