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Atalla pointed out that 3D printing was at a stage where "critical advances in the field of bio-engineering that took years could now be created in a matter of minutes.
He also directed to conduct a comprehensive survey for effective employment of Bio-Engineering Technology on national level.
Why not mention Monsanto's abuse of political influence to coerce other nations into adopting bio-engineering technology or face sanctions as a result?
They might be shocked to hear that probably every ear of corn that's been sold in the United States was created by man, using the forerunner of bio-engineering called "cross-breeding." Instead of isolating a single gene or a few genes from one strain of corn and injecting it into the DNA of another, people crossed whole strains, hoping that the desired traits would be expressed.
Target: Lanzhou National Hyclone Bio-engineering Co Ltd, Life Technologies Corp, Thermo Fisher's cell culture business, Thermo Fisher's gene adjustment operation
Meanwhile, the [euro]58million Advanced Materials and Bio-Engineering Research Centre will create 99 vacancies.
This collection is intended by editors Hauser (National Research Center for Biotechnology GBF, Germany) and Fussenegger (Institute for Chemical and Bio-Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) to describe a wide, if not exhaustive, spectrum of methods involved in tissue engineering.
Given the advances in stem-cell research, cloning and bio-engineering since Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein almost 200 years ago, it shouldn't have been too hard to create a creature that's both terrifying and deserving of our compassion.
The papers are organized into major topics, including mechanics and mechanisms, residual stress, fatigue and crack propagation, failure analysis, smart materials, computational methods, and bio-engineering. Individual paper topics include strain rate effect on transverse compressive strength of fiber composites, dynamic mechanical properties of MWNTs/phenolic nanocomposites, time-temperature equivalence for rocks, and grillage optimization with multiple objectives.
The cutting edge medical project involves experts from bio-engineering, metallurgy, haematology and surgeons.