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Utilizing its proprietary enzyme delivery technology Akermin is developing industrial biocatalyst approaches that yield lower cost, energy efficient, environmentally benign processes of CO2 management.
Caroline West, Biocatalyst promotions manager, said: 'Prince Andrew's visit was a welcome boost to staff who have worked extremely hard for the company.
As chairman he will help drive the globalisation strategy of Biocatalysts.
The publication in Science outlines how Merck and Codexis collaborated to create a custom enzyme, or biocatalyst, that can allow for commercial-scale manufacturing of sitagliptin.
The biocatalysts will be based on feruloyl acid esterases ("FAE") and glucuronyl esterases ("GE") which are expected to be used in the production of phenolic fatty- and sugar- esters with antioxidant activity for the cosmetic industry.
Introduction to the application of biocatalysts in the pharma industry
Craig's role at Biocatalysts is to manage and develop the operations department ensuring customer needs are achieved in an efficient and cost effective manner, whilst implementing a strategy of continuous improvement and providing commercial business acumen to the organisation.
Bio-Research Products is a producer of high purity enzymes used in medical diagnostic tests and biocatalysts for industrial applications.
Enzyme manufacturer Biocatalysts, which is based in Parc Nantgarw, near Caerphilly, has already experienced rapid growth after moving to its pounds 2.
The use of biocatalysts in industrial applications is now commonplace, but this is the first comprehensive handbook to be published on the topic.
Chapter 6: A beginner's guide to the isolation and analysis and use of home-grown enzyme biocatalysts.