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An emission control device that uses microorganisms to destroy volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants.
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apparatus for the biological treatment of sewage. It is a round or rectangular tank with a double bottom filled with a filtering material (boiler slag, granite chips, gravel, porous clay filler, and so on). The bottoms are at least 0.4 m apart. The filtering layer is 1.5–2 m high; the grainsize of the filtering layer is 30–50 mm, and of the lower underlying layer, 60–100 mm. When sewage passes through the filtering material, a biological film forms on its surface. The film consists of accumulations of bacteria and fungi that oxidize and mineralize the organic matter in the sewage. The oxidation capacity of a biofilter is determined experimentally.

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Atlanta-based Oldcastle Infrastructure has secured Virginia Department of Environmental Quality approval for the BioPod Biofilter System with StormMix Media, recognized for 50 percent total phosphorus removal efficiency--the highest available rating.
A workshop headed by Maj Sandeep Kadian was also organised to educate the local women about the importance of purification of water and construction of biofilter using the locally-available material such as sand, aggregate and charcoal.
Argentina), for comparison with the traditional bacterial biofilter. The bivalve selected for the study was the Tehuelche scallop [Aequipecten tehuelchus (d'Orbigny, 1842)] from the Gulf of San Jose (Patagonia, Argentina).
In 2001, the District upgraded its existing odor control biofilter. This greatly reduced the ATAD biofilter odor emissions and the number of people affected by the ATAD process but this was still not satisfactory, especially to users of the bike and walking path running adjacent to the treatment plant.
* Alternative 3: Install a living wall and a biofilter equipped with a return air plenum that can be connected to the nearby air-handling unit's return duct.
A biofilter requires oxygen to provide an aerobic environment where nitrifying bacteria can thrive.
In Brief: A multidisciplinary team of undergraduate students from Auburn University's department of biosystems engineering and department of industrial and systems engineering showcased their senior work--a biofilter media design aimed to improve water treatment systems--during the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C., in April.
Biofilter scheme: 1--aspirator; 2--VOC gas source; 3--biogenic solution tank with pump; 4--excess water reservoir; 5--biofilter housing; 6--sampling holes; 7--the liquid phase; 8--polypropylene plate; 9--gas phase; 10--irrigation nozzles; 11, 12, 13--connecting hoses; 14--polypropylene plates segment; 15--polypropylene plate
However, what complicates the use of a biofilter is dependence oil its efficiency on the conditions created for the microorganism's activity.
The Barangay Water Project uses malunggay seeds packed with an adsorbent, such as sand, carbonized rice husk or activated carbon, to create a point-of-use biofilter that can either be used at home or in small communities, like a school, for purifying drinking water, Canada-based Sheree Pagsuyoin, the project's lead investigator, said in an e-mail interview.