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An emission control device that uses microorganisms to destroy volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants.
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apparatus for the biological treatment of sewage. It is a round or rectangular tank with a double bottom filled with a filtering material (boiler slag, granite chips, gravel, porous clay filler, and so on). The bottoms are at least 0.4 m apart. The filtering layer is 1.5–2 m high; the grainsize of the filtering layer is 30–50 mm, and of the lower underlying layer, 60–100 mm. When sewage passes through the filtering material, a biological film forms on its surface. The film consists of accumulations of bacteria and fungi that oxidize and mineralize the organic matter in the sewage. The oxidation capacity of a biofilter is determined experimentally.

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In recent years, ASR Group has installed a 35 kW solar panel array, created a half acre of new greenspace, planted 16 trees and installed a biofiltration system that cleans stormwater from a one-acre parking lot before it reaches the harbor.
infiltration trenches, permeable surface, biofiltration swales) [3,4], to increase evapotranspiration (e.g.
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Then, the 638 clams in total were transferred together in a single 25-cm-diameter dish placed on the bottom of a temperature-controlled aquarium containing natural seawater (60 cm L x 30 cm W, 40 L, 22[degrees]C), equipped with a biofiltration system under a 12-h light/12-h dark cycle.
In order to avoid potential drawbacks in BC water system application (e.g., filtering media) and to ensure the durability of BC in biofiltration systems (Baltrenas et al.
The RainScape product line includes innovative, custom-designed biofiltration media, streambed restoration, structured soil, compost amended soil and creative green roof solutions.
woody biochar was used in biofiltration systems for removal of volatile compounds from the air (Baltrenas et al.