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The three great biographical dictionaries are Marquis Who's Who, ABI (American Biographical Institute) and IBC (International Biographical Centre).
The number of in-house staff was always small considering the size of the project and is now minuscule by comparison with other national biographical dictionaries.
With longer articles than the biographical dictionaries that have been published previously, the encyclopedia presents personal and professional information on the lives of people who contributed significantly to the current understanding of the world, and what must be done to preserve and improve the natural surroundings.
Special features that enhance the reference value of biographical dictionaries are absent.
The findings in this article are derived from a bibliographic database that includes works limited by nationality, race, occupation, and other factors, as well as general biographical dictionaries.
This was not always their fault, because the medieval biographical dictionaries tended to concentrate on scholars with training in the religious sciences.
Previous biographical dictionaries in the China field have been collective endeavors requiring the cooperation of large groups of scholars over many years.
Biographical dictionaries need to be tightly controlled by their editorial boards.
This volume is a part of a series of general biographical dictionaries aimed at providing "basic information on the people who have contributed significantly to Western culture".
There are also concise biographical dictionaries, such as the Macmillan Dictionary of Canadian Biography, but the most recent edition was published in 1978.
Using membership lists of organizations, biographical dictionaries, obituaries, and census data, Green shakes the family trees of several hundred white women from the rank and file of pro- and anti-suffrage movements throughout the South.
Famous music librarians - some of whom are also musicologists, educators, and music bibliographers - are, perhaps, the orphans in music biographical dictionaries.