Biological Evolution

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Evolution, Biological


the historical development of organisms. Evolution is determined by hereditary variation, the struggle for existence, and natural and historical selection. It results in the adaptation of organisms to their environment, changes in the genetic composition of entire populations and individual species, the formation of species and the extinction of less adapted ones, and the transformation of ecosystems and of the biosphere as a whole. The term “evolution” was first used in biology by the Swiss naturalist and philosopher C. Bonnet (1762). The causes and regularities underlying evolution constitute the subject matter of the doctrine of evolution.

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Nothing about biological evolution ever involves an increase (or decrease) in the thermodynamic information present within the universe.
After spending most of his critique of Signature in the Cell defending a mechanism of biological evolution, Venema does at last return to evaluating the claims of the book itself, however briefly.
At its best, it conveyed a sense of the epic quality of cosmic and biological evolution.
Although scientists recognized previously that volcanic activity may have played a part in the oxygen story, traditional theories have held that biological evolution controlled the pace and scale of oxygen's accumulation in the atmosphere, says Des Marais.
As the user travels over black holes, imaginary time and biological evolution, the Phage reveals the stories, theories and history of each phenomenon.
First, he claims I mistook Signature for an argument against biological evolution, rendering several of my arguments superfluous.
This concept of replication is explained, in addition to pre- and post-Darwinian ideas of biological evolution, and then applied to specific pieces, musical styles and periods, and composers' outputs.
According to the Kansas State Board of Education: "Regarding the scientific theory of biological evolution, the curriculum standards call for students to learn about the best evidence for modern evolutionary theory, but also to learn about areas where scientists are raising scientific criticisms of the theory.
Biological evolution is the best scientific explanation we have for the enormous range of observations about the living world.
We shall trade with the rest of nature, he believes, to our mutual benefit, thought as an extension of biological evolution.
Biological evolution set the stage on which more immediate actors -- such as an individual's unique genetic characteristics, past experience and culture -- raise the curtain on thought and behavior.
The three terrains, created with MetaTools' Bryce 3D creativity software, contain more than 50 modules and sub-topics from Professor Hawking's lecture, exploring questions concerning biological evolution, black holes and the Big Bang.

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