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That helps rule out reading, for example, as a biological adaptation. Kids don't spontaneously read unless they are taught.
"These fluctuations may be caused by the stress of intellectual work, or also reflect a biological adaptation during glucose combustion," claimed Chaput.
These various biological adaptations give the geese a great advantage when it comes to working efficiently at high altitudes.
Likewise, the robustness and world-wide nature of ethnic conflict would also imply, based on the principles of evolutionary psychology, that it is grounded in biological adaptations. Thus, only primordialism is scientifically consilient.
Research expertise: Anderson's lab considers all emotions as evolutionarily selected, biological adaptations with their own rationality that is intended to help humans navigate the physical and social environment.
In what may be the first use of angiography, CT scans and medical illustrations to examine the anatomy of a dozen of the big-eyed birds, the Johns Hopkins team, led by medical illustrator Fabian de Kok-Mercado, M.A., a recent graduate student in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, found four major biological adaptations designed to prevent injury from rotational head movements.