Biological Evolution

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Evolution, Biological


the historical development of organisms. Evolution is determined by hereditary variation, the struggle for existence, and natural and historical selection. It results in the adaptation of organisms to their environment, changes in the genetic composition of entire populations and individual species, the formation of species and the extinction of less adapted ones, and the transformation of ecosystems and of the biosphere as a whole. The term “evolution” was first used in biology by the Swiss naturalist and philosopher C. Bonnet (1762). The causes and regularities underlying evolution constitute the subject matter of the doctrine of evolution.

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This is why I particularly object to the way in which Groothuis (like many opponents of evolution) has played the "shell game" by assuming that belief in the "weak" claim of biological evolution and the hypothesis of common descent must also imply belief in neo-Darwinist theory.
In general, the biological evolution of mammals is conservative: the overlap between various regions of the mouse and human TIP39 gene varies between 80% and 96%, while the genetic material of humans overlaps with that of the chimpanzee within 99.
Proceeding further than Ibn Ezra and Radak, we can understand that the biblical account of creation may indeed imply an actual, permanent cessation of biological evolution as we know it, from the simple to the more complex.
These distinctions between law and flesh seem lethal to the usefulness of biological evolution as a metaphor for law and fatal to the analytical perspective central to this essay.
And it is the accumulation of these advantages over time in the surviving populations that results in the increasing biodiversity and biocomplexity known as biological evolution.
While they all recognize that altruism can be a product of biological evolution when applied to blood relatives (witness a mother bear protecting her cubs), some question what the payoff might be, genetically speaking, for an individual willing to sacrifice some immediate interest to benefit unrelated strangers.
Muller pounding on a table and asserting that 100 years without Darwin is enough, BSCS has steadfastly defended biological evolution as a central idea of biology and integral to our programs.
Muslim theologians must criticize not only biological evolution but also the Christian, and by that I mean the modernistic Christian theological understanding of biological evolution.
Role of domestic ducks in the propagation and biological evolution of highly pathogenic H5N 1 influenza viruses in Asia.
One topic is the role of biological evolution in consciousness and psi.
Pascual asserted correctly that biological evolution is compatible with Catholic doctrine.
But while conservatives accept the invisible hand of the market, many reject the equally powerful invisible hand of biological evolution.

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