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It will be a chemical and biological war with devastating effects.
The evidence came as Robin Cook claimed Saddam was "obsessional" about developing biological war heads and missiles.
Fungus Versus Coca -- UNDCP and the Biological War on Drugs in Colombia, Martin Jelsma, February 2000.
Dr Basson, dubbed South Africa's Doctor Death, is alleged to have killed hundreds of people as part of a chemical and biological war against the country's blacks.
The chemical was designed to imitate the effects of biological war without causing lethal damage.
Meanwhile, the biological war against the borer continues on two fronts.
National Security Strategy published Monday stated that biological weapons being developed by North Korea could be delivered by missiles, triggering fears of a potential biological war.
He pointed to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) as another US biological war to undermine China's growing tourism industry.