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An emission control device that uses microorganisms to destroy volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants.



apparatus for the biological treatment of sewage. It is a round or rectangular tank with a double bottom filled with a filtering material (boiler slag, granite chips, gravel, porous clay filler, and so on). The bottoms are at least 0.4 m apart. The filtering layer is 1.5–2 m high; the grainsize of the filtering layer is 30–50 mm, and of the lower underlying layer, 60–100 mm. When sewage passes through the filtering material, a biological film forms on its surface. The film consists of accumulations of bacteria and fungi that oxidize and mineralize the organic matter in the sewage. The oxidation capacity of a biofilter is determined experimentally.

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furnish and install all fiberglass piping, suction and discharge headers and appurtenances, 3 new enhanced dispersion fan system to exhaust air from the bioscrubber system, removal and the replacement of two 36" dampers on clarifiers 3 and 4, modifications to the yard piping in order to provide non-potable water to the bioscrubber system as well as provide drain lines for the odor control system.
using an in-tank water circulator and bioscrubber, providing consistent lighting, and feeding a consistent commercial diet).
2]) bioscrubber wall that used hundreds of species of indoor landscaping plants on a lava rocks root bed.
High treatment efficiency (up to 99%) of a bioscrubber is achieved by degrading organic compounds having a high water-solubility rate such as ethyl acetate or butyl acetate.
Tri-Mer says this biofiltration-based VOC control alternative combines the best characteristics of an in-bed bioscrubber and aerobic digestion with the high removal efficiency of micron-scale mist scrubbing.
1995) have investigated the feasibility of a bioscrubber to cometabolically degrade TCE.
Invitation for Bid: Purchase of bioscrubber odor control system for lift station 86
The aerobic treatment process is conducted into two parallel streams that are washed through six bioscrubbers.
Deb says GrittyFOAM is a combination of its market leading foam science, cutting-edge dispensing technology and contains non-abrasive bioscrubbers suspended in a rich-cream foam to give a deep-down clean without damaging the skin.