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The range of a single taxonomic entity in geologic time as reflected by its occurrence in fossiliferous rocks.



deposits corresponding to the vertical distribution of any single systematic group (species, genus, family) of fossil organisms. The term was proposed by the English geologist S. Buckman in 1902. In addition to the term “biozone,” the concept of a stratigraphic zone established by a complex of fossil organisms also exists.

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com)-- BioZone Scientific International are proud to announce the launch of its exclusive CoilCare[R] System range in the United Kingdom and Europe.
To ensure agility and scalability, MusclePharm replaced QuickBooks at its US headquarters, Sage BusinessVision at MuclePharm Canada and a Sage Accpac solution used by BioZone, a recent acquisition, as well as numerous Excel spreadsheets, with NetSuite OneWorld's unified cloud-based business management software solution.
This biozone is in someah e Pain and Maroosksections.
Following precise paleontological studies, including conodont recognition and taxonomy regarding samples from the studied section, each fossil's biozone was identified on the Table showing the extent of fossils, based on their presence in each rock sample.
Biozone Biology Modular Workbook Series: Environmental Science.
Healthy, male WKY rats (WKY/Kyo@Rj rats, Janvier, Le Genest Saint Isle, France) 8-10 weeks of age and approximately 250 g body weight (bw) were housed in pairs in a humidity-controlled (55% relative humidity) and temperature-controlled (22[degrees]C) room in individually ventilated cages (VentiRack, cage type CU-31; BioZone Limited, Margate, Kent, UK), maintained on a 12-hr day/night cycle.
2002) developed a biozone model that considered respiration, mortality, and growth of bacteria in the biomat zone as a function of organic matter.
martini occurs only in his Protosphyraena pernicosa biozone (Stewart 1988b).
NYSE: OPK) announced today it made an investment in BioZone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
In South China the Asaphellus inflatus-Dactylocephalus Biozone is recognized as the second biostratigraphical unit for the Tremadocian (Peng 1990a; Zhou & Zhen 2009).