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The range of a single taxonomic entity in geologic time as reflected by its occurrence in fossiliferous rocks.



deposits corresponding to the vertical distribution of any single systematic group (species, genus, family) of fossil organisms. The term was proposed by the English geologist S. Buckman in 1902. In addition to the term “biozone,” the concept of a stratigraphic zone established by a complex of fossil organisms also exists.

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Study of identified genera and species for biozonation shows that these sediments were during one biozone as follows (Fig.
Out of the other groups studied here, we could mention a few chitinozoans, not Conochitina rugata itself but members of this association, confirming that the beds equivalent to the Conochitina rugata Biozone are likely present in the Adila Fm.
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com)-- BioZone Scientific International are proud to announce the launch of its exclusive CoilCare[R] System range in the United Kingdom and Europe.
In biozone systems framework reported by Birkland (2006); biological objects like DNA, RNA and protein structures are modeled by using combinations of graph and class based model.
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This biozone is in someah e Pain and Maroosksections.
The microfossil assemblage correlates well with Biozone 4 of Nunez-Betelu (1994), suggesting a middle Campanian age (Nunez-Betelu et al.
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Following precise paleontological studies, including conodont recognition and taxonomy regarding samples from the studied section, each fossil's biozone was identified on the Table showing the extent of fossils, based on their presence in each rock sample.