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[¦tü ¦tü·prīm ¦bī′pir·ə‚dēn]
(organic chemistry)
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To test this theory, we synthesized four different nitrogen-ligated, mononuclear, tetrahedral copper(II)-based complexes as catalysts for the synthesis of urea: [Cu[([N[H.sub.3]]).sub.4]]S[O.sub.4]; [Cu(bipy)[Cl.sub.2]]; [Cu(Phen)[Cl.sub.2]]; and [Cu(bipy)[(C[H.sub.3]COO).sub.2]].
Ziessel, "Efficient photochemical reduction of C[O.sub.2] to CO by visible light irradiation of systems containing Re(bipy)[(CO).sub.3]X or [Ru(bipy).sup.3].sup.2+]-[Co.sup.2+] combinations as homogeneous catalysts," Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, no.
Other chemicals acquired from Acros-Organics include: 1-bromo ethyl benzene (97%), triethylamine (99%), 4-dimethylamino pyridine (99%), 2-chloropropionyl chloride (95%), 2, 2'-dipyridyl Bipy (extra pure, 99%), calcium hydride Ca[H.sub.2] (93%), and copper (I) chloride (99%).
The aim of this work is to evaluate the effect of different transition metals (Ir, Rh, and Re), different ancillary ligands (bipy and CO), and -R groups (C[H.sub.3] and C[H.sub.2]C[H.sub.3]) (Figure 1) over the electronic properties, assessing the Frontier Molecular Orbitals (FMOs) location, the geometrical parameters highlighting the M-M distance, the global reactivity indexes, the atomic metal charges, and the Fukui functions.
Bipy Prabhakar, 36, complained of severe chest pain at around 2am in his accommodation in Tubli, his friend Premchand Madhubhavan told the GDN.
Spectral data: IR(KBr) v = 3354 v(C-H), 1574 v(C-C), 1234 v(C-O-C), 1040 v(S-C-S), 352 v(Zn-S), 750 v(Zn-N) [cm.sup.-1],[sup.1]HNMR (CD[Cl.sub.3]) [delta] = 2.27(s, 6H, C[H.sub.3]), 6.72 (d, 2H, ortho), 7.01 (m, 4H, meta), 6.83 (t, 2H, para), 7.09-8.53 (m, 10H, Bipy) ppm; [sup.13]C NMR (CD[Cl.sub.3]): [delta] = 19.28 (C[H.sub.3]), 113.02 (C-ortho), 119.10 (C-para), 124.96 (C-C[H.sub.3]), 130.75-130.78 (C-meta), 152.94 (C-O), 172.33 (OC[S.sub.2]), 124.81, 128.95, 136.85, 147.44, 147.56 (Bipy) ppm.
Kurtca, "Synthesis, structural characterization, and benzyl alcohol oxidation activity of mononuclear manganese(II) complex with 2,2,-bipyridine: [Mn[(bipy).sub.2][(Cl[O.sub.4]).sub.2]]," Turkish Journal of Chemistry, vol.
Vincent, JB, Christmas, C, Chang, HR, Li, QY, Boyd, PDW, Huffman, JC, Hendrickson, DN, Christou, G, "Modeling the Photosynthetic Water Oxidation Center--Preparation and Properties of Tetranuclear Manganese Complexes Containing [Mn.sub.4][O.sub.2] 6+,7+,8+ Cores and the Crystal-structures of [Mn.sub.4][O.sub.2]([O.sub.2]CMe)[.sub.6](Bipy)[.sub.2] and [Mn.sub.4][O.sub.2]([O.sub.2]CMe)[.sub.7](Bipy)[.sub.2] (Cl[O.sub.4]])." J.
In order to separate the contributions of anions and cations to the overall conductivity, we have prepared mixtures of our MePEG polymer and a redox hybrid polyether melt [Co(bipy)[.sub.3+2]](MePEGnS[O.sub.3]).
The stability of complexes of NaDNA with bipyridyl-(ethylenediamine)platinum(II) (abbreviated [[(bipy)Pt(en)].sup.2+]) and with netropsin has been studied using two techniques: (i) ultraviolet (UV) melting experiments were done on NaDNA.[[(bipy)Pt(en)].sup.2+], showing that the [[(bipy)Pt(en)].sup.2+] ligand stabilizes the DNA double helix structure; and (ii) swelling measurements (via optical microscopy) as a function of relative humidity were done on wetspun oriented films of NaDNA.[[(bipy)Pt(en)].sup.2+] and of NaDNA.netropsin.
The kinetics of the oxidation of tris (2,2'-bipyridine)iron(II) ([Fe(bipy)3]2+) by bromate ion (BrO3-) in aqueous medium have been investigated.