Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil,

unclaimed territory, c.795 sq mi (2,060 km), along the E Egypt-Sudan border W of the Halayeb Triangle. Its unclaimed status arose from the peculiarities the disputed border: Bir Tawil lies S of the border claimed by Egypt, and N of the border claimed by Sudan (see Halayeb TriangleHalayeb Triangle
or Hala'ib Triangle,
roughly triangular disputed territory, c.7,950 sq mi (20,590 sq km), along the Egypt-Sudan border, on the Red Sea coast. Claimed by Egypt and Sudan, and under the de facto control of Egypt, it is named for the town of Halayeb,
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). Small mountains in the territory include Jabal Tawil (1,507 ft/459 m) in the north and Jebel Hagar ez Zarqa (2,172 ft/662 m) in the east.
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Suyash Dixit claimed Bir Tawil, a 1,300-square km strip of land south of the Egyptian border.
I declare this unclaimed land of Bir Tawil as my country from now to the eternity of time.
The expedition will travel through 18 countries from Nomansland, England to Bir Tawil, a disputed territory on the border between Egypt and Sudan, taking in borderlands and historic gaps in territories from the Western Front to the UN buffer zone in Cyprus.
The 800 square mile area of Bir Tawil is one of the last unclaimed pieces of land in the world.
Sudan was given the Hala'ib area north of the border to use for farming while Egypt was given Bir Tawil, a small area south of the border, to administer in 1902.