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India in 2014 sought the government's permission to establish a Consulate General Office in Biratnagar by upgrading the field office, the report said.
Kathmandu 2014, Dhangadhi 2013, Mahendranagar 2012, Biratnagar 2010.
By bringing back Nepal's first industry, Biratnagar's Jute Mill in operation, it will also greatly contribute to the economy of the city.
In Jogbani, an Indian border town near the worst-hit city of Biratnagar, seven bodies were pulled from a flooded area on Tuesday, the Kathmandu Post reported.
Nepal has relied on India for internet services for long as the country is optically connected with the southern neighbour through Bhairahawa, Birgunj and Biratnagar. However, the connection with China will end the monopoly of India in supply of internet bandwidth.
The demonstrators were in critical condition after police opened fire at an anti-constitution protest in the city of Biratnagar, said Pramod Kharel, a deputy police superintendent in the Morang district of southern Nepal.
The new routes Kolkata-Nautanwa (Bhairahawa) and Kolkata-Jogbani (Biratnagar) will save time and logistic costs for traders importing commodities such as chemical fertilizers cement iron ore and coal.
Biratnagar, our night halt was almost 500 km away, but the 15-hour journey promised to be an entertaining one.
23 -- Mahindra Powerol inaugurated its exclusive showroom in Biratnagar on 7th Nov'12.
will formally meet with officials of the Nepalese government and the Nepalese Department of Mines and Geology to be awarded a license to explore for oil and gas in Nepal's Block 10 (Biratnagar) a 4969 sq km area in Southern Nepal.
The first was a pounds 68,000 investment in Biratnagar, Nepal's second largest city, where only 31% of the population has proper sanitation and 17% of wells show high levels of arsenic contamination.