Bird Woman

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Bird Woman:

see SacajaweaSacajawea
, Sacagawea
, or Sakakawea
, c.1788–1812?, Native North American woman who accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition, the only woman in the party.
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"That's why I told Bird Woman I wasn't goin'.I told her I was too old to have my system cleaned out, and even if I survived that I'd croak from starvation if I ate nothing but bean sprout salads for a week.
I know Bird Woman's going to call me every night to see how things are going.
(16.) See Paulina Palmer, "From Coded Mannequin to Bird Woman: Angela Carter's Magic Flight," in Women Reading Women's Writing, ed.
Buffalo Bird Woman also tells of the festival held when the green corn was ready to eat.
People can develop an appreciation for these early Aboriginal farming activities by reading accounts such as Wilson's Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden or by visiting the interpretive centre at Lockport.
Buffalo Bird Woman was raised in an environment that seemed thoroughly traditional despite the presence of white traders and their goods.
"He said his wife, Bird Woman, told him it wasn't working, and if he really wanted to stop smelling so bad, he should put one of those bags over his head."
Brill Jenny Galloway Admiral Boom Ian Burford Bird Woman Julia Sutton Miss Andrew Rosemary Ashe With: Poppy Tierney, Melanie La Barrie, Savannah Stevenson, Kevin Williams, Gerard Carey, Tim Morgan, Claire Machin, Alan Vicary, Stuart Neal, Nathan Taylor, Lewis Greenslade, Jye Frasca, Howard Jones, Sarah Keeton, Matthew Malthouse, Stephen McGlynn, Tamara McKoy Patterson, Zak Nemorin, Terel Nugent, Louisa Shaw', Agnes Vandrepote, Ashley Day, Sarah Bayliss, Philip Michael Thomas, Pippa Raine, Andrew Wright, Emma Woods.
He fulfills a heavy bride price for the desirable Night Bird Woman. He tries, with limited success, to serve as peacemaker between warring tribes.
The Old Man told us the reason he was late was because his wife, Bird Woman (The Old man calls her Bird Woman because he says she's always flying off the handle about something), made him cut the grass before he could leave, and after he had finished the grass he had to go and buy Bird Woman a new garden hose to replace the one he had run over while he was mowing the grass.