Bird Woman

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Bird Woman:

see SacajaweaSacajawea
, Sacagawea
, or Sakakawea
, c.1788–1812?, Native North American woman who accompanied the Lewis and Clark expedition, the only woman in the party.
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Buffalo Bird Woman was raised in an environment that seemed thoroughly traditional despite the presence of white traders and their goods.
Significant national intervention in the lives of the Hidatsa began in 1851, eighteen years before Buffalo Bird Woman gave birth to Edward Goodbird, her only child.
Goddbird served as translator for Buffalo Bird Woman and others who spoke little English.
Archeologists excavating at Like-a-Fishhook found an overwhelming preponderance of metal tools, and Buffalo Bird Woman remembered from her youth only one man who made stone tools, although patterns of work and warfare had changed relatively little from the precontact era.
While they were trying to accomplish this, Bird Woman entered the garage to see what was going on.
Right about then, Bird Woman came back into the garage to tell them they had all been there long enough and they had to leave.
Bird Woman had been talking on the telephone to my wife, Three, about what was going on in her garage.
He fulfills a heavy bride price for the desirable Night Bird Woman.
The Old Man told us the reason he was late was because his wife, Bird Woman (The Old man calls her Bird Woman because he says she's always flying off the handle about something), made him cut the grass before he could leave, and after he had finished the grass he had to go and buy Bird Woman a new garden hose to replace the one he had run over while he was mowing the grass.
The Old Man said, "Ask Bird Woman what makes her think I would know where her car keys are, Gert.