bird's eye

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bird’s eye

An eye-shaped figure in wood formed by small sharp depressions in the growth rings. Found particularly in sugar maple but also in other wood species.
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Founded by frozen food pioneer Clarence Birdseye, Birds Eye was for many years part of Kraft General Foods, which sold it in 1993 to Dean Foods Vegetable Co.
But children are not being left out either, Birds Eye has recruited song writer, poet and children's author Roger McGough to help encourage youngsters finish what is on their plates.
Salmon farmer spokeswoman Julie Edgar said: "Captain Birds Eye should walk the plank for this.
Birds Eye will introduce reductions of 4%--the equivalent of 47 tons of salt--to its ranges for children.
Steve Challouma, Birds Eye Marketing Director, comments: "At Birds Eye we are passionate about helping consumers eat a healthy and balanced diet.
b k A message from the Facebook page administrator reads: "This page was set up in the hope the Birds Eye will see there is a massive demand from Irish and English people living in Australia for Birds Eye Potato Waffle.
Encouraging children to eat vegetables everyday is central to our mission at Birds Eye,"says Mike Barkley, senior vice president/general manager, meals and sides, at parent company Pinnacle Foods, based in Parsippany, NJ.
Birds Eye operates four factories in Lowestoft producing around 120,000 tonnes of premium branded frozen vegetable, chicken and fish products every year.
Parsippany, New Jersey-based Pinnacle saw a two-month sales increase for its Birds Eye frozen vegetables last year during a $2 million marketing push on the Nickelodeon channel targeting kids, part of an initiative related to US first lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move
Birds Eye has identified an Irish meat processor as the source of horsemeat contamination in three of its products.