bird's eye

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bird’s eye

An eye-shaped figure in wood formed by small sharp depressions in the growth rings. Found particularly in sugar maple but also in other wood species.
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To find the latest offerings from Birds Eye, look for them in the frozen meals aisle at retailers nationwide.
After significant research and testing, Birds Eye has made the decision to wave goodbye to its Inspirations brand across its fish portfolio.
Birds Eye Alternative, LLC is trying to provide a proof-of-concept by capturing the entire property not just outside, but inside as well.
I imagine that when Birds Eye decided to revamp its advertising icon of over 50 years, it did so precisely to get this sort of reaction.
Nomad bought Birds Eye in a PS2billion deal last year.
"Encouraging children to eat vegetables everyday is central to our mission at Birds Eye,"says Mike Barkley, senior vice president/general manager, meals and sides, at parent company Pinnacle Foods, based in Parsippany, NJ.
21 in a campaign dubbed "Play With Your Food," Birds Eye will feature the actress in four :30 spots on the children-focused channel and Nick.
Birds Eye operates four factories in Lowestoft producing around 120,000 tonnes of premium branded frozen vegetable, chicken and fish products every year.
Joining forces with 47 other companies in anti-obesity efforts, Pinnacle Foods, owner of the Birds Eye brand in the United States, has experienced a 20% jump in frozen vegetable sales by taking part, according to a report by the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA).