bird's-eye maple

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bird’s-eye maple

Wood of the sugar maple tree, cut so as to produce a wavy grain with numerous small, decorative, circular markings.
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The only thing I wasn't too fussed about was the black-stained birdseye maple finish on the dials and doors.
Gaguech's design incorporates custom furnishings and cabinetry in Indian rosewood, ebony and Birdseye maple, with inlayed designs, tapestries, ironwork, alabaster and plush leather that altogether create a warm and elegant environment.
BluMagnum also offers birdseye maple, micarta, ivory and many other exotic woods.
The lighter woods and veneers such as walnut, birdseye maple, the satinwoods in particular, are commanding extremely high prices, especially for those small and pretty desirable pieces.
A range of styles is being offered, from a traditional burr walnut finish on Classic models to a warm charcoal facia and grey-stained birdseye maple veneer combination on sportier versions of the car.