bird's-eye maple

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bird’s-eye maple

Wood of the sugar maple tree, cut so as to produce a wavy grain with numerous small, decorative, circular markings.
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When we checked, a beautiful birdseye maple and cream leather three-piece living-room suite was available for pounds 4,750, while a pair of armchairs were pounds 1,800.
All new Colt Single Action Armies feature nicely shaped, plain-Jane walnut grips with gold colored Colt medallions, I have replaced the 5 1/2" gun's grips with custom grips -- one-piece birdseye maple from BluMagnum on the .44-40 and stags from Charles Able on the .45 Colt.
The only thing I wasn't too fussed about was the black-stained birdseye maple finish on the dials and doors.
Grade I uses hand-rubbed American hard maple; Grade II comes with what the Hatfields call XX Fancy, curly or birdseye maple; Grade III utilizes hand-selected XX Fancy or better grade curly or birdseye maple--these rifles are stocked with the highest quality pieces of gunstock wood available.