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Birobidjan has seen rejuvenation in Jewish culture since the city's synagogue center reopened in 2004.
Salsberg pointed out that the policy had worked more severe hardships on Jews than on others, because unlike Georgians or Ukrainians who enjoyed their own national territories in which cultural expressions in their language were still possible, Jews had no viable national territory in the Soviet Union, outside of Birobidjan, which was failing and provided only "a dimly flickering cultural candle.
Fefer and other Jewish writers of the Russian Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee had been arrested and charged with attempting to have the Jewish Autonomous region in Birobidjan moved to the Crimean Peninsula.
Because of the connection made by the Boyle family to the Birobidjan orphanage, the third segment project was a popular choice.
Because of the unusually close connection between the congregation and the Birobidjan orphanage, it is expected donations for its support may be a record-setting $2,000.
What you need for Birobidjan, then, is not the physiologically hardy but the psychologically adaptable," people whose courage could not be broken.
Among these was one from Stefansson, who was now also listed as a member of Ambijan's Board of Directors and Governors: "The Birobidjan project seems to me to offer a most statesmanlike contribution to the problem of the rehabilitation of eastern and central European Jewry" (Ambijan, 1936:6, 36).
Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev became the first Russian head-of-state to visit Birobidjan, the capital city of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.
But the Jews of all countries are capable, in the present period, of fighting as a people, in unity with all democratic forces, for uprooting fascism and anti-Semitism, for equality of rights, for a progressive mass Jewish culture, for the rehabilitation and upbuilding of Jewish life in the liberated countries, for help to the free national development of the Yishuv in an independent state of Arabs and Jews, and for help to the upbuilding of the Jewish Autonomous Region in Birobidjan.
Petersburg three, and if one's travels extend to Irkutsk and distant Birobidjan, the tourist will find one synagogue in each city.
Kevin was born in a hospital in the region of Birobidjan, a seven-hour flight east of Moscow.
Founded in 1988, Dalcombank provides banking services across a wide retail network in 29 cities of Russia's Far East region, including its largest cities: Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Yakutsk, Blagoveschensk, Birobidjan, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Irkutsk.