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It is the co-op's goal to build more birth centers in other areas of Montana, where women have little or no access to midwives, and to benefit from the special client-centered care midwives provide.
Producing convincing evidence of such effects, in the absence of a randomized control trial, requires statistical methods to isolate the causal effects of birth center care that are generally lacking in the existing literature, while controlling adequately for risk.
Yet, less than half of the states' Medicaid programs include birth centers as potential "Medical Homes" for childbearing women and their infants so women can gain equal access to nurse-midwifery and birth center services, if they want them.
Another advantage of a birth center is other family members can be involved in the process here too, Doll said.
One of the most exciting, as well as crucial, parts of this effort is that the passion and work is carried by many individuals and groups within the hospital and birth center.
But Earles believes that Castle's sudden surge of births may be attributed to its recently completed, $10 million expansion, which did not include renovation of the Birth Center.
PeaceHealth's former birth center, the Nurse Midwifery Birth Center in Eugene, was home to 15 to 18 births monthly and that number should grow given that the new center is larger, said Michele Peters-Carr, a PeaceHealth certified nurse midwife.
She helped facilitate the establishment of more than 200 free-standing birth centers in and beyond the United States.
Forty-four percent of women receiving collaborative care, compared with 12% receiving traditional care, spent less than 24 hours in the birth center or hospital; 10% and 16%, respectively, spent more than 72 hours at the facility where they delivered.
The birth center is furnished with our own furniture of double and queen sized beds, rocking chairs, birth stools, etc.
PeaceHealth is closing the existing birth center, located at 511 E.