Birthday of Kim Il-Sung

Kim Il-Sung, Birthday of

April 15
The birthday of the late North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung on April 15, 1912, is marked as a public holiday throughout North Korea (official name: Democratic People's Republic of Korea). The holiday is known as the Day of the Sun . All over the country, people lay floral wreaths and baskets before the hundreds of statues that commemorate Kim. The main observances take place in the capital city Pyongyang, where officials of numerous organizations and citizens lay flowers at one of the nation's grandest monuments to Kim, located on Mansu Hill.
The late leader's birthday celebration often coincides with the Araring Festival, named after a famous Korean folk song. During the renowned mass games of the festival, up to 100,000 participants take part in various large-scale synchronized dance and gymnastics displays in Pyongyang's 150,000-seat May Day stadium. Tens of thousands of well-trained school children create an effect close to animation in the stadium's stands by flashing colored flashcards in intricately timed routines.
Kim Il-Sung ruled North Korea from 1945 until his death in 1994. Known in his country as the "Great Leader," he is proclaimed in the national constitution as the "eternal president." The current leader of North Korea is his son, Kim Jong-Il. Both men are publicly adulated under the "cult of personality" that was part of Kim Il-Sung's distinctive political philosophy. Today, North Korea is a Communist country with a repressive government.
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North Korea's last parade marked the 105th birthday of Kim Il-sung in April last year.
The vessel was constructed in North Korea in 1992 marking the 80th birthday of Kim Il-sung, the country's founder and grandfather of incumbent leader Kim Jong-un, with 40 billion won in financial support from a pro-North Korea association of Koreans based in Japan.
"The match and the bank holiday were to mark the 101st birthday of Kim Il-sung.
"Signs have been detected that North Korea is trying to launch another Musudan missile after their failed launch that took place earlier on the birthday of Kim Il-sung," one government source told ( Yonhap .
Damascus, SANA -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) celebrates on April 15 the birthday of Kim Il-Sung, the founder of DPRK and leader of the struggle against occupation and imperialism.
However, Mr Yu said the noises coming out of North Korea - which are believed to be designed to bolster the popularity of leader Kim Jong-un ahead of celebrations marking the anniversary of the April 15 birthday of Kim Il-sung, the state's founder and the younger Kim's grandfather - were unlikely to lead to action.
Pyongyang had defied international pressure from the US, the UN and others to push ahead with the launch, which had been timed to celebrate the 100th birthday of Kim Il-sung, the deceased founder of the state.
The time period was set by the North Korean regime to commemorate the birthday of Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong Un's grandfather and the founder of North Korea, on April 15.