Birthday of Lu Pan

Lu Pan, Birthday of

June-July; 13th day of sixth lunar month
This holiday commemorates the birth of the Taoist patron saint of carpenters and builders. Said to have been born in 507 b.c.e., Lu Pan, a versatile inventor, is sometimes called the Chinese Leonardo da Vinci. In Hong Kong, people in the construction industry observe the day with celebratory banquets to give thanks for their good fortune in the past year and to pray for better fortune in the year to come. They also pay their respects at noon at the Lu Pan Temple in Kennedy Town.
Lu Pan, an architect, engineer, and inventor, is credited with inventing the drill, plane, shovel, saw, lock, and ladder. His wife is said to have invented the umbrella. Because his inventions are indispensable to building, it is common practice at the start of major construction projects for employees to have feasts, burn incense, and offer prayers to Lu Pan so that he may protect them and the construction work from disaster.
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