Birthday of Parshva

Parshva, Birthday of

December-January; 10th day of the waning half of the Jain month of Pausa
Parshva was the 23rd Jina or Tirthankara (spiritual guide) of Jainism. He lived during the ninth century b.c.e., for about 100 years, according to legend. He became a wandering ascetic when he was 30 years old and later founded what is considered the original white-clad (Svetambara) monks in the Jaina tradition. His birth is celebrated by Jains on the 10th day of the waning half of Pausa (December-January), particularly in Bihar and West Bengal, where he gained a large following.
The parents of Mahavira (6th century b.c.e.), the 24th Tirthankara and "Great Hero" of the Jain religion, were adherents of Parshva's spiritual teachings. Although Mahavira is much better known, Jains believe that he did not found a new religion so much as provide guidance for a tradition that had already been established.
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