Biskupin Gorodishche

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Biskupin Gorodishche


the remains of a settlement dating from the middle and the third quarter of the first millennium B.C. in a peat bog in Biskupin Lake near Gniezno (Poland). The digs directed by J. Kostrzewski and Z. Rajewski in the 1930’s through the 1950’s uncovered the foundations of wooden fortification walls and long houses and objects made of iron, bronze, clay, and wood (boats, oars, bows and arrows, a wooden plow, parts of a wheeled vehicle, weaving looms, and ceramics), relating to the Luzycki culture. The population of Biskupin gorodishche carried on cattle raising, agriculture, hunting, and fishing and were familiar with metalworking. Objects have been found which attest to links with the Scythian population of the northern Black Sea region. The islet in the lake, which Biskupin occupied, was used again as a fortified settlement in the early Middle Ages.


III Sprawozdanie z prae wykopaliskowych w grodzie kultury lżyckiej w Biskupinie w powiecie źnińskim za lata 1938–39 i 1946–48. Poznan, 1950.


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