Bissagos Islands

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Bissagos Islands:

see Guinea-BissauGuinea-Bissau
, officially Republic of Guinea-Bissau, republic (2015 est. pop. 1,771,000), 13,948 sq mi (36,125 sq km), W Africa. It borders on the Atlantic Ocean in the west, on Senegal in the north, and on Guinea in the east and south.
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Cocaine crosses the Atlantic Ocean to some island nations of Western Africa that were once Portuguese colonies, such as the Islands of Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau and its Bissagos archipelago (Presidential Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Program, 2009b).
The Nalu are still thought to have the second most powerful traditional religion in Guinea-Bissau, just behind the Bijagos of the Bissagos Archipelago off the coast.
Four lifeboats were launched and all 33 crewmen, three passengers and a dog survived difficult times, as they headed for the Bissagos Islands, now part of Guinea-Bissau, and eventual rescue, enabling them to continue the war.
Eliot's Ash Wednesday, a shot of three children on a road in Iceland in 1965, a sequence of a train in Hokkaido, shots of women on the Bissagos Islands of West Africa, a prayer for the soul of a lost cat at an animal cemetery near Tokyo, a dog on a deserted beach.
From 1418 until his death he actively supported and promoted projects to sail to the islands of Macronesia (Madeira, 1418; Azores 1427) and along the coast of Africa (Cape Bojador, 1434; Rio de Oro, 1441; Cape Blanco and Arguin, 1443; the mouth of the River Senegal, 1445; the islands of Cape Verde, and Bissagos, 1456).