bit bucket

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bit bucket

1. (Or "write-only memory", "WOM") The universal data sink (originally, the mythical receptacle used to catch bits when they fall off the end of a register during a shift instruction). Discarded, lost, or destroyed data is said to have "gone to the bit bucket". On Unix, often used for /dev/null. Sometimes amplified as "the Great Bit Bucket in the Sky".

2. The place where all lost mail and news messages eventually go. The selection is performed according to Finagle's Law; important mail is much more likely to end up in the bit bucket than junk mail, which has an almost 100% probability of getting delivered. Routing to the bit bucket is automatically performed by mail-transfer agents, news systems, and the lower layers of the network.

3. The ideal location for all unwanted mail responses: "Flames about this article to the bit bucket." Such a request is guaranteed to overflow one's mailbox with flames.

4. Excuse for all mail that has not been sent. "I mailed you those figures last week; they must have landed in the bit bucket." Compare black hole.

This term is used purely in jest. It is based on the fanciful notion that bits are objects that are not destroyed but only misplaced. This appears to have been a mutation of an earlier term "bit box", about which the same legend was current; old-time hackers also report that trainees used to be told that when the CPU stored bits into memory it was actually pulling them "out of the bit box".

Another variant of this legend has it that, as a consequence of the "parity preservation law", the number of 1 bits that go to the bit bucket must equal the number of 0 bits. Any imbalance results in bits filling up the bit bucket. A qualified computer technician can empty a full bit bucket as part of scheduled maintenance.

In contrast, a "chad box" is a real container used to catch chad. This may be related to the origin of the term "bit bucket"
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bit bucket

An imaginary trash can. The phrase "it went into the bit bucket" means the data was lost. See bucket.
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The Good Wife Season 5, Episode 2 ("The Bit Bucket") is will feature Alicia's mother, Veronica (Stockhard Channing).
"Over four percent of the people receiving this [warning] email, thought it was spam and sent it straight to the bit bucket. If Linkedin sends out 6.5 million emails, then a quarter of a million people are congratulating themselves on avoiding spam, and still have a compromised Linkedin password,"said Cloudmark's Andrew Conway.
"Over 4 percent of the people receiving this email thought it was spam and sent it straight to the bit bucket," Conway pointed out.