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As bit density goes up and tape coatings become thinner, the tape surface will become smoother but still should be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
An innovative Magnetic Field Modulation (MFM) head design removes the limitations on bit density and data throughput imposed by standard MO designs.
Media approaches include a longer length of thinner substrate tape or wider tape and high coercivity, while drive changes can include higher linear bit density, data compression, advanced encoding, and track positioning servo.
Since the bit density of a DRAM chip is 30 times higher than that of a CAM chip, while its power dissipation and cost per bit are approximately 280 times and 1000 times lower respectively, NP-1 dramatically reduces the total system chip-count, power and cost.
These progressions in technology offer higher bit density, a far greater surface area than other storage mediums, and, more importantly, an increase in order of magnitude in track density.