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(bē`tôlə), formerly


city (1994 pop. 86,176), S North Macedonia. It is a commercial and industrial center for the surrounding agricultural area. Bitola was a major agricultural center in Roman times. Later settled by Slavs, it became a bishopric in the 11th cent. In 1395 the Turks conquered Bitola, which became an important military and commercial center in the 15th and 16th cent. The city suffered much damage during the Balkan Wars (during which the Serbs took it from the Turks) and in World War I. Bitola is noted for its numerous mosques, churches, and a former Turkish market.



(Macedonian; Serbo-Croatian, Bitolj; among the Turks, Monastir), a city in Yugoslavia in southwestern Macedonia, in the Bitolj-Prilep mountain valley. Population, 55,000 (1965). It is a transportation junction. Its major industries are metal works; textiles, mostly cotton and silk; leather, food, and tobacco enterprises; and rug weaving.


, Bitola
a city in SW Macedonia: under Turkish rule from 1382 until 1913 when it was taken by the Serbs. Pop.: 77 000 (2005 est.)
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According to the Albanian President the Bitola Congress hastened up the proclamation of Albania's independence.
This event was organized by BIT hub Bitola and the Faculty for Information and Communication Technologies (FIKT) in Bitola in cooperation with the Program for increasing the market employability of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, implemented by Swisscontact, PREDA Plus and IT company InterWorks.
The natural attractions and characteristics of Pelister National Park as well as the possibilities for investment in Bitola were presented to the diplomats.
In regard to the vote-rigging allegations, Kovacevski played several conversations allegedly among Bitola Mayor Vladimir Taleski, former ELEM director Vlatko Cingovski and businessman Siljan Micevski.
Together with his wife Sare Davutoglu, the minister visited the Military Academy in Bitola where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had attended as an 18-year-old youngster.
The unification of these three Albanian parties is a result of the will of Albanian citizens in Bitola who demand the votes of the Albanians to be united in order to increase the number of Albanian advisors and not allowing the Albanian vote to be abused by other Macedonian parties.
Kromberg & Schubert has already invested in Bitola in a factory manufacturing products for Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen, and creating jobs for 2,500 people.
The agreement is signed, therefore in a year and a half the citizens from Bitola will be able to travel to Greece by train.
The Bitola firm Bipom in cooperation with a few partners from Macedonia exported the first solar platform to Greece.
Contract notice: Purchase of pipes black with hem and without hem, bends with hem and bends without hem for PU Thermal Power Plants, REK Bitola.
The police announcements that the decision for house arrest of Bitola Mayor Vladimir Taleski wasn't submitted to their offices, clearly shows that "VMRO-DPMNE" obstructs the work of the Court and acts in favor of the narrow personal and party interests of the officials on power, announced from LDP, Bitola.
REK Bitola stalled its power production altogether, Alsat TV reports.