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in music, the simultaneous use of different tonalities or keys. Bitonality—the use of two different tonalities —is the most common type of polytonality.

In practice, two monotonal lines with independent functional systems and cadences are rarely combined. As a rule, polytonality means the simultaneous use only of the chords of different tonalities. The classic example, the “Petrushka chord” in Stravinsky’s ballet Petrushka, combines the tonic of C major and that of F sharp major. Like other chords of this type, the Petrushka chord is strongly dissonant and dramatic. It is used as the “leading harmony” with which Petrushka is identified. Polytonality, one of the elements of the contemporary modal-harmonic system, has been widely used by D. Milhaud, B. Bartok, and other 20th-century composers.


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Gallop call bouts uttered spontaneously during the breeding season are at times preceded or followed by other call types, such as Strangled call, Bitonal Whistle, Whit Call, High-frequency Whistle, and Kurlee.
Bitonal conversion using contrast preprocessing is a two-stage method which tries to solve problems like large brightness variations and low contrast ratios in scanned documents.
0] trace the bitonal H * + L and L * + H, and for the boundary specifications the boundary tones H% and L%.
Information and imaging company Eastman Kodak Company has announced the immediate availability of its i80 Scanner with bitonal and colour performance.
The APT Bookscan captures full color, grayscale or bitonal images and text while maintaining the integrity of the original work.
The second piece of the collection, 'The 'Last Call' Waltz," is, in Hersch's words, "a darkly comic evocation of the last, slightly desperate moments of an inebriated patron's evening at a downtown saloon" Musical rhetoric of this piece could not have been better evoked as irregular, slightly off-balance metric groupings of the left hand shakily support a Lydian-like melody, decorated with splashes of Thelonious Monk, and culminating with sixteenth-note bitonal cascades that wittingly portray the progenitor's loosing efforts.
Key features of IntelliScan SDS include: -- A completely open, flat track that handles mixed document processing for sizes up to 12"x14" -- Document skew detection and correction -- Advanced 500-page document feeder -- Image capture of color, bitonal and grayscale in a single pass -- Real-time OCR recognition technology -- 1D and 2D barcode recognition -- Pre- and post-scan ink jet imprinting -- Double-feed detection -- Easy hand-feed access for quick error recovery -- JPEG 2000 image output -- Configurations with one or two document sorting pockets
Not only does this instability, influence the melodic flow--sometimes hindering it, other times propelling it--but also interferes with the harmonic framework of the piece, establishing syncopated harmonic pace, which, in turn, often results in bitonal effects.
The Kodak i80 Scanner offers improved bitonal and color scanning speed and captures both sides of a document in a single pass.
The i200 Series Scanners provide color, bitonal and grayscale scanning at the same speed--up to 134 images per minute--for optimum productivity.
Face demonstrates that the relationship between the two tones of one bitonal pitch accent may be stronger or weaker than the relationship between the tones of another and argues that a hierarchical pitch-accent structure is able to account for this finding.
Many desktop scanners use a fixed thresholding method to produce a bitonal (black and white) image, which can inhibit optimal character recognition.