Björn Collinder

Collinder, Björn


Born July 22, 1894, in Sundsvall. Swedish linguist. Member of the Swedish Academy of Gustavus Adolphus (1936). Professor at the University of Uppsala (since 1933).

Collinder is the author of an etymological dictionary and a comparative grammar of the Uralic languages; works on the problem of relationship between the Uralic languages and the Indo-European, Altaic, and Yukaghir languages; and works on Lapp and other Finno-Ugric languages (descriptive and historical phonetics, borrowings, and so on). He has had works published on Indo-European, Germanic, and Turkic studies, interlinguistics, and general linguistics. He has translated Shakespeare, Euripides, the Elder Edda, the Younger Edda, the Kalevala, and other works into Swedish. He is a member of many foreign academies.


Jukagirisch und Uralisch. Uppsala, 1940.
Fenno-Ugric Vocabulary: An Etymological Dictionary of the Uralic Languages. Stockholm, 1955.
Comparative Grammar of the Uralic Languages. Stockholm, 1960. Sprachverwandschaft und Wahrscheinlichkeit: Ausgewählte Schriften. . . . Uppsala, 1964.
Hat das Uralische Verwandte? Uppsala, 1965.
Survey of the Uralic Languages, 2nd ed. Stockholm, 1969.