grass tree

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grass tree

1. any plant of the Australian genus Xanthorrhoea, having a woody stem, stiff grasslike leaves, and a spike of small white flowers: family Xanthorrhoeaceae. Some species produce fragrant resins
2. any of several similar Australasian plants

Grass Tree


any one treelike monocotyledonous plant of the genus Xanthorrhoea. In a broader sense, a special life-form to which are assigned the genera Xanthorrhoea, Kingia, Dasypo-gon, and Pandanus. (The first three genera are in the family Xanthorrhoeaceae.)

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There are more young black boys living in poorer areas.
The Black Boy Inn said it was "privileged" to be mentioned among a final shortlist of wonderful Welsh restaurants and pubs, including Bar Bach, Ty Golchi and Whitehall.
The story bounced on the US media because of the racial tensions that have been witnessed for the last year in much of the country, after that last summer a white police officer killed a black boy, 18, unarmed, in Ferguson, Missouri.
In sum, the objective type in question determines the ontological provenance and pale for a certain type of black boy or man, actual or possible, in our lived world.
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One of the reasons is some teachers seem to find black boys - who can be very large - frightening and intimidating," he said.
The religious conflicts of the Tudors, the Act of Union, the Civil War, the religious revival, the industrial revolution and depression have all come and gone in Wales while the Black Boy has remained.
The experiences of the young Richard of Black Boy orient readers to the vulgarities of racism and the harsh treatment that some African American parents enact.
An all-white jury acquitted two white men of this gruesome murder and about a month later, they were paid to tell their story of how they killed this innocent black boy, and they did just that.
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Who could forget the black boy born in rural poverty, totally outside the world of competitive sport, who by his own efforts blazed his own path to the 1936 Berlin Olympics and an unprecedented four gold medals?