grass tree

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grass tree

1. any plant of the Australian genus Xanthorrhoea, having a woody stem, stiff grasslike leaves, and a spike of small white flowers: family Xanthorrhoeaceae. Some species produce fragrant resins
2. any of several similar Australasian plants

Grass Tree


any one treelike monocotyledonous plant of the genus Xanthorrhoea. In a broader sense, a special life-form to which are assigned the genera Xanthorrhoea, Kingia, Dasypo-gon, and Pandanus. (The first three genera are in the family Xanthorrhoeaceae.)

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Young black boys are the most affected by injustice
He deployed a concept rooted in and derived from the lived experiences of a certain type of black boy or man, a concept necessary for giving fictional Bigger life and fixing his contours.
And, as you'd expect from an inn with such an impressive lineage, the Black Boy has no shortage of myths and folklore associated with its five centuries.
However, making connections between Wright and contemporary artists is a major imperative of this essay, so the focus will primarily deal with Black Boy, The White Boy Shuffle, and The Boondocks.
Blue-Eyed Black Boy initiates and then disrupts the expectation of the more familiar "blue-eyed blonde" and thus brings into focus the tangled histories of race and violence in the United States.
Black Boy, published a few years later, was even more favorably received, but Wright felt dogged by racism, even in New York City.
So, when toasting the Crown, they would drink to 'The Black Boy Across The Water'.
Given that, it might be somewhat reasonable for my son to fear older black boys.
But planting in the glazed entrance hall is bizarrely exotic, with opuntias and yuccas dominated by an Australian black boy throwing strange shadows onto the vertical Devon earth.
Black Boy describes vividly Wright's often harsh, hardscrabble boyhood and youth in rural Mississippi and in Memphis, Tenn.
Latent in the precedent slave stories, this principle of subjectivity becomes in Black Boy the visible source of incident and narrative shape, accounting on the one hand for a protagonist at odds with the white society but alienated as well from the Afro-American community and, on the other hand, fixing autobiographical memory on the emergence of the artist's sensibility.
Publican at the Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon, Gary Evans, 26, said: "I think it's a good thing.