Black Buck

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Black Buck


(Antilope cervicapra), an artiodactyl mammalian subfamily of true antelopes (Antilopinae). A graceful animal; body length, 120-130 cm; tail length, approximately 15 cm; height at withers, approximately 80 cm. The males have rather long (approximately 70 cm) spiraled horns. The adult males are blackish gray; the females and young are reddish brown; the belly and inner legs of all black bucks are white.

Black bucks are widespread throughout India except along the Malabar coast. Black bucks are polygamous. They live in herds of about 20-30 and inhabit broad, open plains. They reproduce throughout the year. The gestation period is approximately six months. The females bear a single calf. Black bucks run swiftly and jump magnificently. Black-buck hunting is a common form of sport in India. They are also hunted for their highly prized meat and for their horns.


Mammals of the World, vol. 2. Baltimore, 1964.
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The high court was hearing a petition filed by Sheraz Zaka Advocate seeking ban over the implementation of hunting black bucks in Punjab.
Killing of black bucks is prohibited under the Wildlife Protection Act.
Further, Green's recognition of the racial and gender dynamics at Central High underlie his knowingly subversive and resistant stance toward whites' stereotypical portrayals of him as a Black Buck in need of white control in desegregated schools.
RD 65 was natural enclosure for black bucks. They also camouflaged themselves that helped them hiding from predators.
India's most recognisable and bankable actor was found guilty of hunting two black bucks while working on the film Hum Saath Saath Hain in 1998.
The black buck is an endangered species and is protected under the Indian Wildlife Act.
The Black Buck missions were a triumph for our courageous and skilful airmen and also for the supreme organisation of the RAF.
Operation Black Buck, the strike on Port Stanley airport during the Falklands War in 1982, has passed into RAF legend.
As I sit here and compose this article I can look around my room and see aoudad, ibex, Merino, Corsican, Black Hawaiian, white Texas dall and mouflon sheep; sika deer plus chocolate, spotted and white fallow deer; black, brown and white Catalina goats; my favorite exotic--the black buck antelope originally from India, and many domestic favorites from Texas, namely whitetail deer.
Expect to spot black buck, panthers, nilgai, fox, jackals, deer, wild dogs, parrots, peacocks and pheasants.
Then in 2006, the charge against him was imprisonment - for killing a black buck during the shooting of his movie 'Hum Saath Saath Hain' in 1998.
Thankfully, I had the opportunity to use one on a recent black buck hunt in Texas, where I first shot all three models and became completely familiar with the operations of each of them.