Black Buck

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Black Buck


(Antilope cervicapra), an artiodactyl mammalian subfamily of true antelopes (Antilopinae). A graceful animal; body length, 120-130 cm; tail length, approximately 15 cm; height at withers, approximately 80 cm. The males have rather long (approximately 70 cm) spiraled horns. The adult males are blackish gray; the females and young are reddish brown; the belly and inner legs of all black bucks are white.

Black bucks are widespread throughout India except along the Malabar coast. Black bucks are polygamous. They live in herds of about 20-30 and inhabit broad, open plains. They reproduce throughout the year. The gestation period is approximately six months. The females bear a single calf. Black bucks run swiftly and jump magnificently. Black-buck hunting is a common form of sport in India. They are also hunted for their highly prized meat and for their horns.


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The Vulcan was so old by 1982 that its air refuelling systems had to be completely restored before Black Buck.
The fourth day, as we were working our way around the ranch, we saw a beautiful black buck and began our stalk.
With women growing in independence, insecure white men seemed fixated on the idea that independent white women would forsake them for black bucks and often used lynching to express their fears--and to subtly threaten their women as well.
New Exotic Series additions to the Natra-Look line are: Corsican Sheep, Black Buck Antelope, and Alligator (9 ft.
Bobby, an Indian black buck, is the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, whose headquarters is at the Tower.
Bill describes himself as an "old black buck sergeant" who served on Gaudalcanal during World War II in the 93rd Division, an all African-American unit.
Dale and his hunting party had an experience of a lifetime and harvested a total of five trophy whitetails, two Rio Grande turkeys and exotic big game including Dale's first ever black buck antelope," says Newsome, and adds, "Even though Dale participated in the filming and directing of the original 1991 hunting footage, this Documentary is not endorsed by, or affiliated with Dale Earnhardt, Inc.
To add further poignancy to the momentous occasion, the Vulcan will be piloted by Martin Withers, who captained Vulcan XM607 on the famous Black Buck raid on Port Stanley Airport during the 1982 Falklands conflict, initiating the campaign that would recapture the islands and earning him a Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroics.
THE BLACK BUCK CASE Salman, along with coactors of Hum Saath Saath Hain, were accused of poaching two black bucks on October 1, 1998, in Kankani village near Jodhpur.
It has taken mule deer, whitetail deer, Catalina goats, turkeys, mouflon, Barbary sheep, zebra, waterbuck, gemsbok, impala, oryx, black buck, and probably some I have forgotten all with one shot.
Salman has been convicted for 1-year and 5-year prison terms in a separate case of hunting two of Chinkaras at Bhawad village and one Black Buck at Mathania village in 1998.
The jet-powered bomber saw distinguished service with the UK s Royal Air Force for 28 years culminating in the Operation Black Buck over the Falklands in 1982.