Black Data Processing Associates

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Black Data Processing Associates

(BDPA) A non-profit professional association, founded in 1975 to promote positive influence in the information technology (IT) industry and how it affects African Americans. The BDPA facilitates African American professional participation in local and national activities keeping up with developing IT trends.

BDPA offers a forum for exchanging information and ideas about the computer industry. It provides numerous networking opportunities through monthly program meetings, seminars, and workshops and the annual national conference. Membership is open to anyone interested in IT.

The Foundation provides scholarships to students who compete in an annual Visual Basic competition.

E-mail: <>.

Telephone: Ms. Pat Drumming, +1 (800) 727-BDPA.
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(Black Data Processing Associates, Greenbelt, MD, A membership organization founded in 1975 by Earl A. Pace Jr. and David Wimberly. It is the largest national professional organization representing minorities in the information industry with more than 55 chapters. BDPA provides a forum for exchanging ideas through its monthly meetings, seminars, workshops and annual conferences. Membership is open to members of all races.
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The Black Data Processing Associates ( is a group that has chapters in more than 40 cities across the country.
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