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Black Hawk (b. Makataimeshekiakiak)

(1767–1838) Sauk and Fox war chief; born in present-day Illinois. A fierce opponent of the spread of white settlers, he attempted to form a pan-Indian alliance to repossess ancestral lands but was defeated in what was called the "Black Hawk War" (1832). Released from prison in 1833, he toured several eastern cities and dictated his autobiography.
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Slovakia can now use six UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters, after two machines landed at Slia airport, Banska Bystrica Region) on August 26.
This makes Ammroc, a leading company in equipping and supplying Black Hawks with assault missiles and weapons that qualify this aircraft to be ready for military operations.
previously reported due to budget considerations.Aside from attack helicopters, the PAF will also acquire Black Hawk helicopters for its combat utility helicopters requirement.
Asked if the helicopters include armaments, Lorenzana explained the Black Hawk is actually not an attack helicopter but a combat utility and transport aircraft.
To commemorate 40 years of powering Black Hawk mission success, GE held a UH-60M fly-in and corresponding ceremony at its Lynn, Mass., facility.
Because of a politically motivated decision to stop buying Mi-17s in 2013, the Defense Department has started buying more Black Hawks, leaving the Russian helicopters to age.
KANDAHAR -- Afghan Air Force UH-60 Black Hawk crews conducted their first operational mission in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, May 8.
KABUL: The Afghan Air Force will receive the second batch of the Black Hawk helicopters in the near future as efforts are underway to bolster the fighting capabilities of the Afghan national defense and security forces.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 31, 2017-Kaan Air Australia inks deal for 10 Black Hawk helicopters
ATEC said it intends to offer the HPW3000 as a solution to replace the existing engines on US Army Black Hawk and Apache helicopters.
Summary: Two American Black Hawk helicopters collided while landing at a U.S.
Both are based on three-door versions of Mitsubishi's funky hatchback, the distinctive Black Hawk styling giving the car's already fun and sporty looks an additional dose of street-cred.