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Its name conjures UFOs, aliens, the CIA, and extraterrestrial technology, disinformation, secrets, conspiracies, black helicopters, and men in black.
From UFOs to secret aircraft and the CIA, shadowy government programs and unexplained events surrounding Area 51 are illuminated, including: The government's Nevada land-grab at Paradise Ranch; The U-2, the Blackbird, and the A-12 tests, refinements, and flights; The Robert Scott Lazar revelations; Roswell Incident and Project Mogul; The development of "black helicopters"; The "Autopsies--Bodies Unknown Origin 47" file; Intelligence gathering through ESP, parapsychological, and mind control; Secret research on teleportation; Vast, hollowed-out chambers, tunnels, and hidden underground facilities.
The idea that such institutions exert"global domination" is the kind of nonsense that used to be propagated by nutcase militias that believed unmarked UN"black helicopters were secretly patrolling America as a prelude to a takeover.
I am not prone to foil hats or fear of black helicopters, but I am feeling a lot like that frog in the pot of slowly heating water.
Elvis Since the king of rock 'n' roll died in 1977, theorists have suggested his death involved the CIA, black helicopters and the pressures of fame.
Though there are no WTO black helicopters for enforcement, its dispute settlement process had advanced progress.
Congressional conservatives saw it as a symbol of imaginary "black helicopters" of global governance and refused to vote for the necessary funding.
"As the noise was ongoing we got up about 3.45am to find there were two black helicopters with no lights plus another two or three helicopters with lights tailing them, they were all continuously circling the Nuclear Power Station non-stop.
( [Watch 'Black Helicopters' Promo]
Five concurrent narratives involve bioengineering, burning high-rises, the surveillance state, extralegal rendition and torture, black helicopters, identity hacking, serial murder, drugs, and class war.
I joined a local Tea Party group in order to learn about them and estimate around 40 percent of the people were serious paranoids talking about black helicopters and the like.
Then, you called stories of black helicopters, U.S.