Black Hole of Calcutta

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Black Hole of Calcutta:

see KolkataKolkata
, formerly Calcutta
, city (1991 pop. 10,916,272), capital of West Bengal state, E India, on the Hugli River. It is the second largest city in India and one of the largest in the world.
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Black Hole of Calcutta

Indian dungeon in which overcrowding suffocated prisoners. [Br. Hist.: Harbottle, 45–46]

Black hole of Calcutta

146 Britishers imprisoned in small, stifling room (1756). [Br. Hist.: Harbottle, 45–46]
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No one is asking Hollywood to churn out an undifferentiated string of uplifting biographies, say, Mother Teresa: The Black Hole of Calcutta.
Maybe the fact that our living room is currently like the Black Hole of Calcutta as it's boarded up in preparation for bi-fold doors (yes, we're getting them, yes belatedly) has had something to do with the telly turn-off.
Nobody had to queue for an hour to get into the Black Hole of Calcutta and you shouldn't have to do so on Town Moor.
We were never allowed to forget about the Black Hole of Calcutta on June 20, 1756, when 123 British soldiers and others allegedly suffocated in severely cramped conditions.
Tourists should also spend half an hour or so at the memorial to the infamous Black Hole of Calcutta, one of the British Empire's bleaker episodes.
Then airline customers would not be forced to endure the black hole of Calcutta that is Heathrow, or the unnecessary over-priced Taj Mahal palace being planned at Stansted.
While Cheltenham Gold Cup day crams people together like those in the Black Hole of Calcutta, the open spaces of Longchamp ensure comfort and an easy route to bar, course and bookie.
Spending a penny in the Green Tree used to be like entering the black hole of Calcutta.
There is a new, impressive lounge bar and a bigger and better Hills betting shop has been relocated - thank heavens, it was like the Black Hole of Calcutta on a warm day.
It costs only 14Rs (18p) to enter this separate universe, much grittier with an exclusively male crowd focusing on an undercover betting ring that could serve as a latter-day Black Hole of Calcutta as punters jostle for fractions ringed by a circle of boards bookmakers operating from cages, as is the Indian custom.
My curry Shangri-la might be your black hole of Calcutta.
Frankly, I was amazed that it called itself "Grand" at all, because to say it was down at heel would be like saying that the Black Hole Of Calcutta needed a lick of paint.