Black Leg

Black Leg


a disease of agricultural plants in which the root collar and the base of the stem turn black and rot. Causative agents are parasitic fungi and bacteria.

Black leg of cabbage, caused by parasitic fungi, mostly infects cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and radish seedlings. Diseased plants lose turgor, turn yellow, and droop. The disease is ubiquitous. Control measures include replacement and disinfection of soil in garden frames, treatment of seeds, and proper care of plants.

Black leg of potato, caused by soil bacteria, results in yellowing, curling, and wilting of leaves and in blackening and rotting of the base of the stem. If infected before flowering, the plants form no tubers. With later infection, the tubers are also affected. Control measures include removal of diseased plants, planting of healthy tubers, and disinfection of seed tubers.

Black leg also affects carrots, forage legumes, and seedlings of fruit trees.

References in classic literature ?
His teeth seemed perpetually to ache with desire, and in lieu of black legs he husked the cocoanuts that fell from the trees in the compound, kept the enclosure clear of intruding hens, and made a hostile acquaintance with every boss-boy who came to report.
Down went the black legs and up came the gray head, as the preceptor said, with undisturbed dignity, "Good evening, Mr.
The black legs are bare, and through rents in sleeves and breeches, the skin, of shiny black marble, shows.
I can see nothing but sunbonnets and pinafores and nimble black legs.
A black figure stood up, strode on long black legs, waving long black arms, across the glow.
Midway in the last and furthest of the strips of light, the tripod rose erect on its gaunt black legs, like a monster called to life by the moon -- a monster rising through the light, and melting invisibly into the upper shadows of the Hall.
He is in his Halloween attire for the week - purple and black leg warmers and green and black leg warmers.
Do any of these items work when accessorised with the national essentials of a warm cardigan, an opaque black leg or fur-trimmed coat with sturdy hood?
Mummy Flanagan is going to have her work cut out, explaining what to do with this pair of trousers, with one black leg and one white leg.
A group of experts were called in to diagnose the cause of its demise and it was quite a mystery as there was no sign of the dreaded black leg rot or slugs.
However, we feel this Bovine Pastuerellosis and black leg vaccines being administered today will make these animals resistant to any bacterial infection," Konga said.
the baby has one black leg, one white, showing the diversity of the Brazilian people, aside from [Britto's] diaper and the stork, which are very Brazilian