Black Monday

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Black Monday,

Oct. 19, 1987, in U.S. history, day of financial panic. The Dow Jones AverageDow Jones Average,
indicators used to measure and report value changes in representative stock groupings on the New York stock exchange. There are four different averages—industrial stocks, transportation stocks, utility stocks, and a composite average of all three.
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 fell 508.32 points, a drop of 22.6%, the largest since 1914. The point decline as well as the volume, 604.33 million shares, exceeded previous records. Among the possible causes were investors' anxiety about U.S. international trade and federal deficits and U.S. criticism of West Germany's economic policies, but the drop was greatly aggravated by the cascading effect of the automatic computerized selling of stocks interacting with the similar selling of stock-index futures triggered by computer programs using such futures to hedge against the fall in stock prices. Stocks throughout the world joined the slide. By mid-1988 the stock market had recovered, and the U.S. economy was largely unaffected by the crash.
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Black Monday was a pleasant surprise and an interesting look into the chequered past that has afforded us the freedoms that we currently enjoy as Kenyans.
You can see the potential, though: Co-created by David Caspe (whose ABC sitcom "Happy Endings" masterfully harnessed the manic side of the millennial mood) and Jordan Cahan, "Black Monday" begins in October 1986, one year before the 508-point stock market plunge for which the show is named.
MAY BE BLACK MONDAY Joe Schmidt is tipped to return home and replace Steve Hansen, inset, as All Black coach
Some historical market sell-off events have fallen in the month of October, but they have mostly stuck around in the collective memory because Black Monday sounds ominous.
'They asked me whether the CNRP initiated the idea of Black Monday. I told them that I did not take part in the Black Monday protest on a CNRP call.
Erol Rizaov in Nezavisen vesnik comments that Macedonia experienced the bloody Thursday on 27thApril 2017, because the first act in the same parliament happened on 24th of December 2012- the black Monday when opposition MPs were beaten by the secret police activated by the then president Trajko Veljanoski, when forcefully journalists were expelled, no-one was sanctioned and everything was overlooked as toilet paper.
A clear and undeniable warning sign of market madness to come presaged "Black Monday," the calamitous, if now somewhat off-the-radar, crash of Oct.
THOUSANDS of white farmers have blocked traffic on some major roads in South Africa in what they call a Black Monday protest against the high rate of murders of farmers.
1929 Black Monday, a day in the Wall Street Crash of 1929.
This past Thursday marked the 30th anniversary of Black Monday when the Dow Jones industrial average plummeted 50 points to finish the day down 23 percent.
When asked about the probability of a crash similar to that on Black Tuesday (October 29, 1929) or Black Monday (October 19, 1987) occurring in the next six months, the median response was a probability of 10 per cent.